Bringing CheckMarket to Creative Life

redpepper’s step-by-step creative process as told by our work for this SaaS industry leader.

Checkmarket leads a long line of SaaS brands competing for market share in the survey creation software space. But they struggled to show their unique perspective through a visual identity, which was going to stifle their growth down the road. It was time for their look and feel to match their performance—that’s where we stepped in.

Here’s a look at how our creative process helped bring this brand to life:


Deep research leads to insights that inspire daring creative—and that's exactly where we started. Exploring every corner of creative possibility allows us to test out big ideas until the brand's true identity reveals itself through the noise. Moodboarding helps us get those thoughts started by experimenting with tone, colors, and shapes so that the magic can begin. For this work, these three moodboards are where it all began:

Moodboard 1: Modern. Approachable. Fun. Warm.
Moodboard 2: Bold yet Understated. Comical. Simple.
Moodboard 3: Strong. Playful. Approachable.


Fresh off of our moodboarding sessions and feeling inspired, our team spun up two potential creative concepts for our client to choose from. As the north star that guides the final creative, the concept needed to be intriguing, yet concise, while embodying CheckMarket's identity at its core. Here's what we came up with:

Concept No. 1

Bold and friendly, Concept No. 1 brings forth energy, personality and humor through typographic details and color. Vibrant blue paired with calming cream. Interface design presented as so easy to use and simple, it feels as though it’s floating in space. A space-exploring character that seems straightforward at first glance, but with humor layered in as you interact.

Concept No. 2

The perfect mix of no-nonsense and nonsensical, Concept No. 2 toes the line of presenting an easy to use and straightforward product paired with character and colors that make the user feel they’re experiencing something completely different. Our bold character, a part-human and part-shark figure known as "Whatever-it-is," is used minimally in the simple interface and brand, bringing forth moments of humor and surprise when they make the most impact, without being too over the top from overuse.


The winning idea? Concept No. 1. A fresh, recognizable identity will carry the brand through its next phase of growth following a major acquisition and help it tell a seamless story of complex product capabilities in a way that feels approachable and exciting to its growing audience. Rick the Explorer, CheckMarket’s new astronaut mascot, embodies the adventure and discovery the survey creation software leads users through along the customer journey. The software frontier awaits.

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