Integrated Campaigns

Introducing a New Category with a High-Profile Campaign


The Challenge

We partnered with Slack to dream up their very first major awareness campaign in a time when workplace collaboration tools were an entirely new category. Our target market? Early adopters inside of three focused verticals: media, advertising, and publishing. Not only were we introducing them to a new way of working—we were introducing them to the Slack name for the first time. This initial launch could make or break the brand’s success.

The Solution

In the SaaS industry, you see a lot of advertising centered around the unique features of tech platforms. We knew this wouldn’t fly for Slack—features are only meaningful when you understand the platform itself. So we set our sights higher, uplifting the platform’s benefits by creating a campaign that would make people feel the happiness of an uncluttered inbox. With real stats pulled straight from customer research, we led with hard-hitting, benefit-driven headlines and visuals. Then we plastered the campaign across 4 major U.S. cities with high concentrations of our target market, taking over buses, billboards, train wraps, and any other medium we could get our hands on.

The Results

By zeroing in on the early adopters, we were able to create a groundswell that would trickle out to the masses—making Slack the fastest growing B2B software in theworld. And we didn’t stop there. As Slack built momentum, we helped the brand gain awareness among the masses, all leading up to a very successful IPO. Euphoria.

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Integrated Campaigns

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