Bringing a Brand to Life: Adieu

Phynet, a national dermatology practice management company, came to us with the goal of expanding into the laser hair removal and aesthetics space. How? By building a new, direct-to-consumer brand that combines Phynet’s dermatology expertise with a spa-like experience, amazing service, and an emphasis on inclusion of different skin textures and tones. Our response: challenge accepted. This is the story of how we created a new brand, Adieu:

Discovery & Strategic Framework

Our objective was clear—develop a brand strategy, visual identity, and brand asset toolkit that put equal emphasis on the elevated customer experience and the results of the treatment.

So we hit the ground running with a discovery session, where we dove into the audience that Adieu would connect with, key differentiators, and potential directions for the brand positioning. We found that this audience places high value on results, convenience, and price. It was also important that the brand evokes the emotional benefits of the process and expert clinical team, so that customers could see themselves gaining a new sense of confidence and freedom after the experience. 

Once we established the groundwork for the strategy and vision, it was a smooth move into developing brand concepts. 

Brand Concepts and Moodboards

These four concepts dial in on the emotional experience of the new brand—which enabled our team to build messaging and visual prototypes that ultimately lead to the foundational elements of the brand. 

Brand Concept 1: Boldly Go

They know exactly what they're doing. They're professionals, delivering precision laser hair removal services. That confidence will transfer to their guests, sending a clear signal that when guests come in, their own desired confidence can begin to be achieved. Through confident language, a high contrast color palette, crisp photography, and dynamic typography, we can give guests the feeling of what's possible.

Brand Concept 2: Free To Be

To be carefree is an amazing feeling—but talking about freedom is tricky. To create a more lighthearted conversation, we're tapping into the journey aspect of freedom and enjoying the ride. Through fresh, ownable art direction, we can stand out while representing exactly how we want guests to feel when they embark on this journey.

Brand Concept 3: Check It Off

Good things take time. And many good things require a step-by-step process. Through simple, premium art direction and a warm, human-inspired color palette, this concept demonstrates the powerful feeling of achieving a goal, doing a good thing just for you, and, everyone's favorite — checking a task off your list.

Brand Concept 4: Say Yes to Smooth

The first step toward freeing yourself from the burden of hair removal is committing to it, and for those who do, freedom and satisfaction await. This brand will stand out by pairing empowering, journey-inspired language with fresh, ownable art direction that convey how our guests will feel when they say yes to going smooth.

The winning concept? No. 4: Say Yes to Smooth. With the overarching brand direction chosen, we moved right along into designing the visual identity. 

Visual Identity Concepts

At this stage in the process, we started tinkering with the visual markers of the brand. Here are a few of those drafts:

Visual Identity No. 1: 

Visual Identity No. 2:

Visual Identity No. 3:

Final Results

Say hello to Adieu. The winning concepts? ‘Say Yes to Smooth’ for the brand’s core, combined with Visual Identity No. 1. A duo that gives Adieu a unique, recognizable look and feel, so Phynet can confidently launch into the DTC laser and aesthetics space. 

But we didn’t stop there—we built their website, created fun social posts for the launch, and designed their retail store experience. Adieu now has locations in Atlanta and Cincinnati, and more are coming soon. Check out a few snapshots of the final results:

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