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At redpepper, we’ve developed a bit of an expertise in the pet industry and pet care marketing. We’ve partnered with top brands—including IAMS™, CESAR®, SHEBA®, and more—on everything from business model evolution and brand strategy to content production and integrated campaigns. Our goal is to help pet industry marketers release constraints and unleash confidence in the path forward.

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Challenges We’ve Solved

  1. Disrupting an industry as a category leader
  2. Introducing a DTC business model without deprioritizing retail
  3. Strategically leveraging historical data, technology, and assets
  4. De-risking a new sales channel by building a test brand
  5. Creatively reaching new audiences
  6. Leveraging CPG product samples in the digital age
  7. Uncovering consumer pain points and preferences
  8. Sharing validated insights across a CPG brand portfolio
  9. Evolving a legacy brand’s visual identity
  10. Building a digital experience to drive change
  11. Creating content to connect with consumers
  12. Launching a standout go-to-market campaign
  13. Integrating AI technology to enhance CX

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