Taking a Brand from Tried and True to Completely Renewed

Modernizing a Brand

50 years ago Landau was a pioneer in healthcare outfitting with the most fashion-forward scrubs out there. Their trendy colors and playful patterns were the rage of hospital hallways. Fast forward to early 2018? Landau had been overrun by competitor brands, leaving them hungry to re-establish their place in the industry as a fresh, forward-thinking brand. After all—being known as “the brand my grandma wore” just wouldn’t do in today’s market. They needed to modernize and restore their place in the industry, all while staying true to their brand. And we were the ones to help make it happen.

A Refreshed Strategy

We let the brand’s core essence pave the way—laying out a comprehensive roadmap to guide every brand decision moving forward. At Landau’s core, we found inclusivity, empathy, and the power to unify, making them a “Citizen” brand. They see caregivers as honest, hardworking humans, just trying to do a good job. And Landau? Well, they’re here to help with just that—by offering practical and reliable scrubs their customers don’t have to think twice about. To validate this new direction, we took the brand strategy straight into testing—which gave us the confidence we needed to officially plant the Landau flag in the fresh brand direction.

The result? A brand that was primed, armed, and ready to go forth and reclaim their place in the scrubs business with a promising, proven path ahead. Oh, and did we mention an integrated campaign with results to back this up?

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