rp Reacts: 6 Products We Wish Sold DTC

Updated on
May 3, 2024

From CPG to DTC (and all the letters in between), these industries are ripe for disruption.

"How can we disrupt our industry?" It's the question brands looking for what's next are asking themselves. Many of them have successfully answered this by adding direct-to-consumer channels to their sales strategies. Going all-in on omnichannel not only helps brands increase their profit margins, but it also allows them to better nurture their relationship with their audience, meeting customers where they prefer to be met.

And convenience is hard to beat, right? Our team thinks so. In fact, we crave convenience so much that we can't stop thinking about these 6 products that we'd love to see adopt a stronger DTC presence:

1. Milk

Sometimes it's the solutions that have been replaced that end up disrupting all over again...and maybe that's the case with milk delivery. Speciality grocers like Thrive Market have set a new tone for the future of grocery shopping, but there could be something to having just the essentials delivered regularly to your doorstep. Why not bring back the classic milk man?

Karla Jackson, Associate Creative Director

2. Produce

Similar to milk, I think there's a need to be met in getting fresh produce delivered on a regular basis. Really fresh fruits and veggies go bad pretty quickly, but you've always gotta have them on hand. Plus, making healthy options more convenient could help make our communities healthier as a whole.

Carrie Pickering, Digital Project Manager/Producer

3. Cars

We've seen brands like Carvana disrupt the auto industry by offering a direct-to-consumer channel with sizable success that led to a $43.6 million tv ad spend in the first half of 2021. And it's no secret that Tesla's business model has been a major contributor in its successful climb to the top of the EV market. I would love to see other major automotive companies follow suit in going 100% DTC—and I suspect that's where we're headed. I'm really hopeful my next car buying experience will be DTC and not limited to just a few options.

Matt Weber, Sr. Producer/Production Manager

4. Tires

There’s been a slow emergence of DTC channels in major tire manufacturers as they adapt to stay competitive in meeting changing customer expectations, such as an increase in experience personalization. But from what I’ve seen, no one has turned the place upside down disrupting in this space. It sounds like a big area of opportunity—it can be super frustrating and expensive to go through so many retailers to when it’s time to replace tires. This one would win my business.

Ben Henderson, Sr. Product Strategist

5. Consumer electronics

Best Buy's recent earnings call shows that the return to brick-and-mortar shopping has allowed retailers to rival eComm giants like Amazon. The clear benefits of DTC for consumers (convenience) and sellers (a better understanding of their audience) coupled with strong retail relationships in a booming electronics market sounds like a recipe for real opportunity.

Nate Fleming, Director of Strategy

6. Rotisserie chicken

Making Costco's most convenient dinner even more convenient? Yes, please.

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