“Know” Content

Updated on
May 22, 2024

by Jen Williams

Catching consumers’ attention with a helpful micro-moment

Consumers turn to their devices thousands of times throughout the day for information, entertainment, and connection, and this reliance on devices is unlikely to change anytime soon. (81% of us own Smartphones now, after all.) This mobile-first, tip-of-your fingers culture means that marketers must be ready for every micro-moment consumer's experience - starting with “know” moments.

A “know” moment can be defined as that moment when a person turns to a device to research or discover. Basically, a consumer has a burning question and needs an answer - pronto. Here are some quick tips for “know” content success:

1. Be discoverable with good SEO - Know moments overwhelmingly happen via search. If you’ve done your audience journey map right, you’ll have uncovered what your audience is doing, thinking, and feeling as they go about their journey. There should be many points on that journey when the audience is seeking information or understanding - how will they phrase their query and what is the context around it? If you understand what is behind their questions, you are likely to reveal needs that your brand can meet that you otherwise might not have considered.

2. Provide direct value - Content in this category should be informational and helpful, not sales-driven. A wonderful example is this pin-worthy graphic created by Marriott filled with tips for traveling with your pet. It’s useful, it’s digestible, it’s branded, and it asks nothing of its audience in return.

Photo courtesy of Lemonly

3. Be inspirational - “Know” moments are often about researching and gathering ideas. Some ideas for serving up inspiration (all should be related to a topic your audience might search): short blog posts of curated, brand-relevant ideas; resource lists made into easy-to-save (pinnable) graphics; beautiful, branded art cards with inspirational quotes.

Want to "know" more? Read about “go” and “do” micro-contents.

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