Innovators That Inspired Us in 2021

Topics, ideas, and people who made us smarter this year.

Well, folks. We've made it through another year of learning and growing. It didn't always look like we imagined it would, but we believe we're all better for the obstacles we've overcome. And while it's easy to move straight into goal-setting for how to advance that growth even further in the new year, we also want to take a moment to commemorate this year for the progress that was made...even if unfinished. Because it's never too late to be inspired or curious for new knowledge.

That's why we're sharing some of the innovative topics, ideas, and influencers that inspired our team in 2021. We encourage you to make your own list (kind of like an inspiration time capsule) to look back on, or take a look at some of our recommendations. We bet you'll find them inspiring, too.

Innovative Cooking

David Chang’s Hulu series, “The Next Thing You Eat,” about the future of food and sustainability is a really informative and inspiring watch. He really makes you think about where our food actually comes from—and how those processes will be affected as the environment changes. Even if you don’t typically love cooking shows and podcasts as much as I do, there’s a lot to learn from this one. 

Greg Frank, Art Direction

I’ve been watching "School of Chocolate" on Netflix! Amaury Guichon is an incredible innovator and thought leader when it comes to pastry and chocolate—the show is a cooking competition but he takes extra time to mentor people who don’t do well in certain challenges, so there is also an educational aspect, which I love. You get to watch seasoned pastry chefs try to rewire their brains and think more creatively.

Allison Mendoza, Project Management

Thought-Provoking Podcasts

"How I Built This" is my favorite podcast of all time. I find so much inspiration and motivation from the stories of some of the world’s brightest minds and innovators and the movements they started.

Caroline Meyer, Account Services

I can’t stop listening to "Dark History" with Bailey Sarian. There are so many interesting stories and perspectives covered in the podcast that I didn’t learn about in school but feel are so important. 

Jessica Nerad, Operations

Inspiring Lifestyles

If you haven’t seen "Down to Earth" with Zac Efron on Netflix, I HIGHLY recommend. I’ve been watching it every day. It’s really made me rethink certain lifestyle habits, and now I just want to travel to all these incredible countries and immerse myself in different cultures!

Carly Hart, Copywriting

I’m on a holistic psychology kick and have been reading a lot about mental health, mind/body/environment connection, and healing. I'm currently reading "How to do the Work" by Dr. Nicole LePera. She’s known as "the Holistic Psychologist" on socials.

Emily Cropsy, Operations

Influential People

Mark Pollard is definitely worth a follow if you’re looking for new ways to refine your creative practice. His program, Sweathead, offers really valuable tips to push the way you think and make.

Taylor McFerran, Strategy

I’ve recently re-channeled my love for art history, and I’ve been reading a lot on the mental journey of various artists. I’ve been especially inspired by "Van Goh’s Second Gift: A Spiritual Path to Deeper Creativity," about the man himself and his creative process. I highly recommend this gem for anyone wanting to dive deeper into their own creativity.

Carly Hart, Copywriting

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