Zuck Yourself

Updated on
May 3, 2024

by Matt Reed

Augmented Reality Face Filter

As Mark Zuckerberg and crew continue their conquest of the Metaverse they are bound to hit some bumps along the way. And that bump finally came when they released a screenshot of Zuck's Horizon Worlds VR avatar in celebration of their France and Spain release.

Look into my eyeballs

The screenshot received mixed reviews, many critical of the avatar's glazed stare. Since a photorealistic recreation of MetaMark isn't quite possible yet without dipping into the uncanny valley, Meta's stylistic avatar choices were more playful and Nintendo Wii like. Not terrifying or awkward at all.

With such an iconic look before us we knew we had to find a way to proliferate this porcelain person as fast as possible. We're decided to distribute Augmented Reality Zuck masks to everyone for FREE! So the first step was to jump into Snap's Lens Studio and bring in ole Zuck face.

Once inside the studio you can create a new "Face Mask" and then drop the Zuck image onto it. Tweak the mask coordinates a little to match up the facial features of the mask with Zuck's and that's it!

With a quick publish to the Snap filter library and approval by the Snap mods we had our publicly distributable Snap Lens give away. Just scan the Snapcode below or head over here to try Zuck on for yourself.

People Love It!

As the internet does, it has taken the Zuck filter into its own hands to create its very own gloriousness. And the results are quite breathtaking if not nightmare inducing.

Add to the Joy!

If you recently Zucked Yourself and thought it turned out good then send it over to us with a brief essay on what about it made you so happy and we'll add it to the gallery of very satisfied customers!

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