What is a redpepper Internship Like? POVs from Past Interns

Updated on
April 14, 2024

redpepper internships are nothing short of unconventional. rp interns have full exposure to strategic and creative projects for top clients, collaborative teammates ready to welcome them with open arms, and rp pup cameos on almost every Zoom call. To give you a look behind the curtain, we asked some past interns—many of whom are now full-time redpeppers—about their experiences. Take a scroll through their responses. 

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My rp internship was such a wonderful and impactful experience.It was the perfect introduction into the industry. I left school not knowing which role I wanted to pursue and rp gave me the freedom to flex outside of my assigned internship role (project manager intern) and explore other parts of the agency that excited me (content production).

From day one, you could tell redpepper was full of smart, creative and kind people who wanted to make cool work but also wanted to help their peers learn and grow. For me, the rp internship was genuinely a "get out what you put in" situation. Whether it was contributing to a pitch or being a helping hand on a production shoot, I said yes to all of the things. And in doing so, I was exposed to so many helpful experiences that allowed me to understand how the agency truly worked and what type of role was or wasn't right for me and my skill set.

We also got to do a project as an intern group that challenged us to work like our own agency and showcase our creativity and the habits we had learned throughout our months as interns, which was a great low-stakes way to get a glimpse into what it takes to bring a project from beginning to end.

Riley, former project management intern and current redpepper Studio Director

As an intern, I had the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to my teams — no coffee runs! — and was given hands-on opportunities to apply learnings in real time on real projects. My mentors were also instrumental in guiding me along the way. They helped me craft a personalized intern experience that not only aligned with my current skills, but pushed me to achieve growth goals and explore new interests. A redpepper internship is an amazing way to kickstart your career, as it not only equips you with industry knowledge and agency experience that is invaluable, but also offers a supportive network of mentors and colleagues dedicated to your success

Katie, former project management intern and current redpepper Project Manager

Working as a Design intern at redpepper can look different depending on the projects you are focusing on that week, but that is part of the fun! A typical day includes project meetings and one-on-one syncs with my mentors, working in the Adobe Creative Suite to build assets, and even exploring programs like Figma and Emma.

Abigail, former Design Intern and current redpepper Graphic Designer

My internship experience at redpepper was extremely rewarding. As a Client Services intern, I was able to work hands-on across a variety of clients and real projects, while also learning the ins and outs of an ad agency. The mentors truly care about your success and go above and beyond to give you the resources you need to not only excel as an intern, but also grow personally. 

redpepper truly encourages their interns to explore all areas of the agency (not just the department you're assigned), from production to creative to accounts and project management—the list goes on and on. My advice to future interns would be to embrace this opportunity fully. Step out of your comfort zone, ask questions, and actively engage with different aspects of the agency. You never know where you'll end up!

Hannah, former client services intern and current redpepper Account Executive

One of my favorite parts of being an intern within the Client Services department is that it allows you to tap into every part of agency life. From my perspective, this department really serves as the liaison across internal departments and clients, so you are able to experience projects from start to finish.

Cat, former Client Services Intern

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