Varonis: Campaign Results That Made the Sales Team Smile

Updated on
April 16, 2024

How can a B2B tech brand quickly explain a complex product?

Cybersecurity leader Varonis needed to reach busy Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), quickly showing them the role Varonis can play in their tech stack. The role of a CISO is high pressure and high stakes. We knew the way Varonis could stand out would be to show how their product provides relief from the intensity. So we drew the connection between unprotected data and loose puppies to show CISOs Varonis’s unique value when it comes to locating and protecting a company’s data.

Collaborating with Sales For a Concentrated Marketing Push

We launched a city takeover in Boston including a fully-integrated digital and OOH campaign and a 3-day experiential activation event—all during one of the industry's largest conferences. The campaign led to a 456% increase in web traffic (reversing a YoY decline) and a 186% increase in follow-up sales meetings.

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