Transforming a Brick & Mortar into the Store of the Future

Updated on
May 1, 2024

Inventing the Future of Retail

While other stores shifted their focus online, Kirkland’s saw an opportunity—to make brick and mortar stores more relevant and necessary than ever before. They wanted to invent the future of retail, creating places that inspired shoppers to make their home decor dreams come true—all while staying true to their long standing brand values.

We brought Kirkland’s biggest decision-makers into a room for an innovation workshop—an intensive full-day session designed to bring varied minds together in collaboration and elicit smart, future-centric thought. In this room, we broke down habitual thought patterns and coached them through exercises meant to expanded the thinking beyond the conventional. By the end, the team walked away with prioritized, achievable goals for their ideal store of the future.

Growing the Vision

The Kirklands Brentwood location just outside of Nashville, TN marks the first step in the store of the future. With their new in-store experiences, creative spaces, and resources for customers, Kirkland’s can test and grow their vision, honing in on an optimized in-store experience before introducing the future of retail nationwide.

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