The Stuff We Made During CreateAthon 2018

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May 23, 2024

At the end of October, while everyone else stocks up on wigs and pumpkins, we hunt down every coffee bean in the metro area. Why? Because it’s CreateAthon — our annual event where we pause client work and stay up for 30+ hours straight, making marketing magic for 3 local nonprofits. And this year marked our 12th year participating.

This year we had the opportunity to work with Gideon’s Army, Nashville Dolphins, and ShowerUp. Have a look at these inspiring organizations and the work we created this year.

Gideon’s Army
Their Mission:

Gideon’s Army is a grassroots organization that helps kids in low income areas avoid the prison pipeline through restorative justice, counseling sessions and group meetings at school. They teach kids things like how to interact with police, professional growth, and public speaking — which helps them prepare for life after primary education. While they have between 100–300 volunteers, they currently have zero funding.

What They Needed:

>> A website to support funding and donations

>> Video and photos to help them tell their story

>> Help solidifying a logo

What We Did:

We developed a website to share their mission and help them reach donors.

We used the new photography we took to develop a poster series that tells their story.

We evolved their logo and created a gif for Instagram stories.

Nashville Dolphins
Their Mission:

Nashville Dolphins provides free swim lessons and swim team opportunities for children and adults with special needs, as well as an organized swim team which provides a sense of community among the swimmers. More than 220 swimmers participate in the swim lessons, ranging from beginners to those who swim every day. With drowning as a leading cause of accidental death in children with special needs, water safety is a big priority.

What They Needed:

>> A new logo and tagline that better expresses their mission

>> Rebranding needs such as pamphlet and email templates

>> An app to track swimmers’ progress

What We Did:

We made them a logo, as well as a tagline, that embodies their mission and helps tell their story.

We updated the look, feel, and content of their pamphlet to match their website and help them better communicate with donors.

We developed an app that they can use to track swimmers’ progress and update volunteer information.

Their Mission:

ShowerUp is a mobile shower truck that provides showers, hygiene resources, and health care screenings to Nashville’s homeless population. Their team of volunteers goes a step further and engages in conversation, builds relationships, and demonstrates love to create a truly caring environment. Over the past couple of years, they’ve increased the number of available showerheads by 50%.

What They Needed:

>> Strong messaging

>> Video and photos to help tell their story

>> Collateral to reach donors and volunteers

What We Did:

We redesigned their website to include stronger messaging with a more user friendly experience.

We created a video to tell their story.

We used the new photography we took to create an impactful poster series to reach donors and volunteers.

Want to see more of our CreateAthon work? Check out the cool stuff we made last year! Want to learn more about CreateAthon and how to get involved? Email

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