rp Scrolls: Social Accounts Our Director of Social Media Follows

by Courtney Chauvenne

As a social media professional, I can be a tough follower to appease, but when I find an account that just does it right and adds some value to my life, I am also their biggest fan. I’ve compiled a list of accounts that do some part of social media well and that I just enjoy following. I hope you find something on the list that makes your feeds a little less doom scroll and a little more inspirational!


The former LA resident in me cannot unfollow CVT on Facebook. Even though I can no longer access their delicious non-vegan ice cream, I stay for their marketing. They went viral in 2019 for adopting a policy that influencers pay double for their $4 cone and also post emails from businesses asking for their services for free in exchange for social media promotion. Earlier this year, they launched a soft serve pouch in grocery stores that led them to sell out their product repeatedly. What they’re doing is working for them, and I love following them every second of the way. 


If you work in social media, Rachel Karten’s newsletter and blog Link In Bio should be on your weekly must-read list. From interviews with niche social media practitioners to inside jokes that make you feel better about the ins and outs of running accounts, there is always something valuable on her accounts. Her LinkedIn posts are usually one of the first things I see when I log in—she keeps me informed, so I feel less pressure to be chronically online.

Sometimes, the inspiration you draw from the brands you admire can involve their working style. Since following Sami Unrau, the Global Director of Social Media Engagement operations at Nike, on LinkedIn, I’ve been re-evaluating the place meetings have in processes for my teams and redpepper at large. One of the best things I’ve learned from her is that a meeting where one person is talking is not a meeting—it is a broadcast and can be recorded and disseminated. Meetings should be reserved for discussion, debate, and complex decisions. This simple shift in my mindset has helped me have more effective communication with my team and if I’m scheduling anything on a Friday, it’s mutually agreed upon first. 



Doom scrolling is one of the negative habits I hear people talking about most when it comes to being online. Following accounts like Therapy Jeff can provide a healthy check-in on boundaries, ways to change your thought patterns, and tips to apply in all sorts of relationships. So many mental health advocates and professionals share free tools and content so that you can turn your algorithm into a place that helps make you a better version of yourself.

Dillion Francis rarely posts a video that doesn’t make me giggle and want to create something similar with the accounts I help run. His TikTok oozes authenticity and gives an excellent behind-the-scenes look at the not-so-serious side of social. Engaging the fans in his crowds, ranking his DJ friends, and randomly showing up at his management agency for Diet Coke all make me want to tune in continuously to see what he’s up to.


I love a good planning session, and Laurel’s planners are the best I’ve ever used. She has so many planners that are meant to work with the different ways you might need to use it. I love her Sunday Instagram Live sessions where she does her planning live, answers questions, and gives tips on how to use your planners. Her recommendations on pens, stickers, and anything stationary carry much weight in my desk supply stocking. After watching her content, I feel organized and ready to take on the week.

horizontal layout idea
horizontal layout idea

On a more personal side, I am deeply interested in astrology—and am the one warning my account and project managers when Mercury Retrograde is coming up, so we can be prepared to double down on communication and details. Following Jessica helps me anticipate the days there might be more bumps in the road or great days for leading a brainstorm. She also hosts a wonderful podcast and books available to deepen your astrology knowledge if this interests you.

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