redpepper Reacts: Holiday Edition

The team shares their all-time favorite spirited spots.

Grab your eggnog and your yule log, we’re reminiscing on our favorite holiday ads of all time. We asked our team to weigh in on which festive brand messages from over the years have made them feel equal parts holly and jolly. Here’s the roundup:

Come Together | H&M 2016

My favorite holiday ad of all time is the branded short film Come Together, released by H&M in 2016. The spot is a masterclass in both storytelling and branded content. The message was simple yet relatable on a global scale.  The holiday season is a time to come together with loved ones to celebrate and be positive. Every decision of the campaign was on-point, from partnering with Wes Anderson & Adrien Brody to the music selections, to the multiple storylines within the overall story, and their release strategy and targeting.  It is a film that I watch every year and one that I will never get tired of.

 Matt Weber, Sr. Producer/Production Manager

"Christmas Is What You Make It" | Hobby Lobby 2020

This 2020 holiday commercial really impressed me. What got me about this ad is it's a fantastic example of "show, don't tell." The visual storytelling here is so well done and effective. This ad makes you feel something without saying anything at all, and then the perfect, succinct, copy line comes in right at the end to put a bow on it.

Lindsay Alexander, Senior Copywriter

Singing In The Rain | Burberry 2020

This Burberry ad gets an honorable mention for me. It just came out this year, so it’s hard to say it’s my all-time favorite. But, man oh man, was I impressed with this idea & camera work. 

Messaging-wise, they created some dynamic tension with ice asteroids falling from the sky that felt very on-brand for 2020. For the brand, it positions itself wonderfully as outerwear to withstand all elements, which is a beautiful callback to their history when their coats were used on polar expeditions. Maybe I’ll be considering a Burberry jacket to help me weather out the rest of 2020.

Katie Straugn, Video and Media Specialist

"The Surprise"| Apple 2019

Let me start by saying that in my opinion, more often than not, holiday ads are better than Super Bowl ads. Is that a hot take? Maybe, maybe not. The one I’m going to go with, though, is Apple’s “The Surprise” from 2019. I loved this spot for two main reasons: its humanness and its subtlety. This spot approaches a story of grief and loss and weaves it together beautifully with their product. It’s a tearjerker with a twist — from the music choice all the way down to the visuals — and it is perfectly executed by Apple and their team.

Riley Collins, Junior Content Producer

Coca-Cola Christmas Commercial 2020

W+K’s new Christmas ad for Coca-Cola is an example of how a strategic insight can be simultaneously timely and timeless. “The holiday season is about family” is a timeless idea that carries an even heavier weight this year when families are separated. This spot is smart because it is able to say something obvious in a new and interesting way—a characteristic of great advertising.

Carrie Polen, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

"Gift Like You Mean It: Nana" | Etsy 2020

I like this Etsy ad because it really feels like we are in the living room with the characters. And everyone can relate to feeling sad that we can't see all of our family and friends this holiday season because of the pandemic. The ad brings in the technology we are all using to connect with our loved ones and creatively shows that you really can create or buy anything with Etsy!

Rachel Mignoga, Project Manager

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