Robotic Process Automation Improves Employee Happiness

Updated on
May 3, 2024

Investment in innovation is a retention strategy.

In a job seeker’s market, the time is now for employers to take candidates’ values to heart. And that means creating an attractive place to work from the inside out—not one that ends once an offer is accepted. Investing in employee happiness creates major long-term benefits for employers through both retention and employee ambassadorship to boost recruitment efforts. And one way to invest in your team’s happiness is to invest in technology that can help them achieve it. 

When we partnered with a Big 4 accounting firm to help them do just that, we discovered that adding robotic process automation to augment human labor wherever possible created team efficiencies that led to happiness. Here are a few ways RPA improved the lives of their employees:

Reduces cognitive load

Having an excessive workload is a common reason employees leave their jobs—especially these days, where high turnover adds more work to the plate of each team member, which can yield even more turnover. Digital assistants powered by robotic process automation allow for the delegation of tasks that don’t require a human to a bot enabled to shoulder the excess. 

We’ve helped our clients leverage these bots, investing in technology that learns and grows smarter by the minute—ultimately slashing the laundry list of tasks threatening employees with the possibility of burnout.

Protects passion integrity

Beyond avoiding burnout, using RPA to reduce the cognitive load of employees has another benefit: protecting the integrity of employee strengths and passions. When administrative tasks that can be delegated to bots are removed from the calendars of humans, employees can spend more time doing the strategic and/or creative work they’re good at and passionate about. 

Nobody wants to be hired for a role that they think will push them to grow in their field only to spend endless hours completing tasks a computer could do for them. Rather, optimize the value of your team’s expertise and experience by leveraging RPA to ensure that the dream job you sell in the hiring process is the same dream job they’ll experience every day.

Remedies stress by busting risk

Stress at work can also be caused by reasons other than an endless mound of work—the stresses of managing tight budgets, compliance, and data security can also take a toll on employee happiness. This is another area where RPA can help.

When we helped our Big 4 client implement RPA, we found that leveraging 24/7 bots that created data reports, monitored compliance issues, and instantly alerted humans of security concerns improved the team’s confidence in the accuracy and integrity of their projects, removing this weight from the team’s shoulders.

Displays commitment to innovation

Believing and investing in the abilities of new technologies to optimize human work is a quality of an employer who values its workforce and maintains a long-term vision of what “business as usual” will look like in the future. That’s a win/win.

Displaying this commitment to innovation instills confidence that the company can help its people grow in the direction the world is moving. When a company says it wants to create efficiencies, the implication shouldn’t be that this means job cuts—rather, a forward-thinking company that values technology innovation understands that investing in products that create efficiency ultimately serves to empower its workforce.

Makes people feel heard

And the one that ties it all together. At the end of the day, employees want to feel heard by their employer. If a company can accomplish this, they’ll be positioned for success even as trends and technologies change. Investing in tools that help accomplish the points above proves to employees that the company is listening to their concerns and desires, and it appreciates their value as individuals for their unique human expertise.

Is your brand finding itself in the battle for top talent? Investing in your team’s values and growth potential is a great place to start. If you’re interested in diving deeper, reach out—we’d love to chat.

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