Reinventing a Website to Connect a Global Techforce

Updated on
April 29, 2024

A Redesigned Site to Suit a Tech Leader

Andela needed a new website—one that would establish them as the tech leader they are. Andela is a one-stop shop for both clients looking to scale software engineering teams and top talent in Africa looking for work. They needed some clear messaging and a strong visual strategy to communicate their value to the right people.

Communicating the Mission

We didn’t want the site to be all things to everyone. We knew if we reinvented the user flow to appeal directly to our key audience, the developer, the rest would come. With a clear target to cater to, we created a user flow that simulated a treasure hunt—one with a story that unfolded piece by piece, one geared toward a developer’s mind. Visually, the site is injected with human spirit, communicating Andela’s vibrant company culture and its internal mission to advance human potential.

Now, Andela has a fresh, intuitively-designed website that’s more representative of the company spirit, with bolder messaging that positions them firmly in this global space.

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