Making Cities More Pet-friendly

Updated on
April 24, 2024

Creating a Digital Experience to Tell the Story

Mars had a new goal: to make cities across America more pet-friendly. They wanted to make it tangible for users to help their cities become more pet-friendly places to live. The biggest issue was that their assessment processes weren’t as consumer-friendly as they could be. They needed to tell the story.

We began by drawing on the human experience attached to making cities more pet-friendly; putting on our puppy-dog eyes, to help them showcase just how pet-friendlier cities are healthier cities overall. We then created a user-friendly website that gave users the ability to get their results and feedback instantly—showing where their city stood and how they could help it improve. Everything from day to day changes to individualized plans for cities all over the country, we were intent on Mars doing everything they could to make an impact.

The Result

With their new, easy to navigate website, Mars is now the go-to company for government officials and average citizens alike to assess their cities and continue to work towards making the world a better place, not only for our pets but for ourselves as well.

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