Launching an Impactful Nonprofit Campaign Designed to Empower

Updated on
April 23, 2024

A Step Ahead is a non-profit that provides access to free long-acting reversible contraception to those in Middle TN. Their main mission? Support women in achieving their dreams—after all, knowledge and access are power. They came to us wanting to raise awareness of their services with younger audiences in the Nashville area, increase site traffic, and boost their scheduled consultation numbers. We were honored and inspired to help.

A Purposeful Campaign

Bright pops of color. Compelling photography. Powerful copy. We brought it all together with a purposeful message—putting the power to determine a woman’s future in her hands. With a clear brand narrative and value proposition, we sent this campaign into the world. We plastered the creative across park benches, bus stops, and billboards. In digital spaces, we launched scroll-stopping display and YouTube ads. With this strategy, we were able to reach new segments of A Step Ahead’s audience across all channels.


A Step Ahead’s message resonated.They saw a 125% increase in advertising referrals and a 77% jump in unique visits to their website. And they made headlines.

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Integrated Campaigns


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