Introducing a Swiss Luxury Brand to the Home Improvement Category

Updated on
May 10, 2024

This well-established luxury kitchen fixture brand was launching its first line of fast-in sinks for the everyday consumer—one that didn’t hire help, but went straight to Home Depot or Lowe’s so they could tackle their home improvement projects themselves. They were entering a whole new category with no brand awareness to lean on.

Creating the Right Message

Research led us to one telling insight: It turns out “installation anxiety” isn’t really a thing among DIY-ers. Homeowners are confident in their DIY skills, and much more interested in projects that help them improve their lives and express their personal style. So a campaign focused on what makes it Fast-In wouldn’t be as powerful as one about what makes it Franke. The “Do Luxury Yourself” campaign lets homeowners know that when they choose Fast-In, they get a premium product and experience. And the active language encourages those thinking about replacing a fixture to get going.

Entering a New Category

By focusing on the celebratory aspects of home improvement and playing up the satisfaction of a job well-done, we helped Franke make a clean entrance into this new category.

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