Improvising an Awareness Spot to Win over Developers

Updated on
April 26, 2024

Leaning into Humor to Reach a Skeptical Audience

We partnered with OutSystems to introduce low-code development (a new product category) to developers and technology leaders. The catch? This audience tends to be skeptical of marketing. As a new brand without a reputation to count on, we had to break down that barrier and build awareness—all in a 20-second video.

Knowing the uniting power of a good laugh, we leaned heavily into humor, landing on a concept that featured two developers discussing their workload and mishearing “with OutSystems.” If this idea was going to work, the joke had to land expertly. So we hired improv actors to get the job done. As the campaign progressed, we personified OutSystems as a robotic exoskeleton—an ownable element that quickly communicates the productivity the platform brings to developers.

The Results

In short, we talked to developers the way they talked to each other—and it worked. The campaign garnered over 20 million impressions with an unprecedented CTR of 0.54%. Apparently, developers took quite a liking to OutSystems. They ranked fourth in G2 Crowd’s “Fastest Growing Products 2019” category, an award driven by user feedback.

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