Helping Nashville Healthcare Centers Reach the People of Nashville

Ensuring the Future of Critical Health Resources in the Community

Nashville General Hospital opened two new Nashville Healthcare Centers to further serve the community. With two convenient locations, these centers provide a full-range of primary care and specialty care services, making it a go-to choice for the people of Nashville. Upon opening however, these centers were struggling to attract insured patients. To ensure the future of these critical health resources in the community, we needed to grow awareness, attract insured patients, and help establish these centers as leaders in providing convenient and reliable care.  

Finding the Right Audience and Campaign Concept

We identified a two-pronged target audience of Metro Nashville employees (who can take advantage of benefits that entitle them to low cost care through the centers) and Generation X patients who are typically responsible for taking care of their aging parents and young children in addition to themselves. Our campaign was centered around the concept of time—the time we have together with the ones we love, and the time we have left to live our lives to the fullest. Supported by brand strategy work and a full media plan, the campaign urged patients to get ahead of their, and their loved ones’, health now so they can enjoy rich years together later. Through direct-mail, digital billboards, CVS kiosk takeovers, and targeted social media and emails, this campaign came to life in the Metro Nashville area.


During the campaign, wipe usage among the Nashville Healthcare Center Wellness Kiosks, located throughout 7 targeted CVS locations, was reported as 40x higher than normal. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic causing an increase in hospital visits, digital bulletins have seen an increase in exposure, resulting in even more eyes on the campaign’s critical messaging around making time to prioritize your health. Overall, the campaign is well on it’s way to achieving the goal of driving 1,500 patients to establish care at the Nashville Healthcare Centers, resulting in 5,000 visits per year.

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