Helping a Scrub Brand Stake its Claim in a Crowded Marketplace

Updated on
April 24, 2024

The scrubs industry as a whole is a crowded marketplace—both time-honored brands and small disruptors are making noise in the space now more than ever. On the heels of a total rebrand, 50-year old scrub company, Landau, realized it was time to examine and update the other brands in its portfolio. Urbane, the brand positioned as “for nurses, by nurses,” was the strategic choice. Its positioning felt too narrow, and there was a lot of untapped potential in the product line. It needed a stronger voice and point of view to engage a more specific audience and truly differentiate itself from Landau’s other two brands, as well as other key players in the industry.

Scrubs Made for On-The-Go Healthcare Workers

The Urbane line is designed for healthcare workers who are goal-oriented and active inside and outside of work. They’re ambitious, determined, self-sufficient, and always on-the-go. These traits about the core consumer inspired the new look and feel we created in the rebrand—from the logo, to the style guide, to the new voice and tone. The “You’re Going Places” campaign made the product hero and emphasized how Urbane scrubs enable the wearer to go anywhere and be anything—from a nurse during the day to a yoga student in the evening.

Shortly after the brand refresh, we helped launch a key differentiator for Urbane’s new Align product line—The PWRcor pant, the first pant in the industry to feature a waistband with the stretch and compression technology typically found in athleticwear.

A Campaign Designed to Help Urbane Stand Apart

The campaign creative and product video helped the brand deliver on messaging priorities for both the overall rebrand, as well as the launch of the PWRCor pant. By telling the brand and product story with creative that brought the action and the feel of the product technology to life, Urbane was able to stand apart in a saturated space.

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