Busting Bias with AI Generated Personas

by Drew Beamer

There is a good deal of buzz these days about AI image/art generation. And while the topic can be somewhat divisive, there are definitely scenarios in which this technology can positively push our thinking. Let’s take a look at how Midjourney’s AI Image Generation tool can help healthcare professionals overcome biases toward patients. 

These two images were created as hypothetical personas—both named Joe Martin—in a clinical simulation training for new graduate nurse residents. The audience viewed the images while listening to scenarios involving the simulated patient. Afterward, they were challenged to critically think through the nursing process involved in the patients’ care and confront their biases based on the visuals presented.

While stock imagery could have been sourced, the use of AI allowed precision prompting for exact details and characteristics desired in the hypothetical patients. Searching for and purchasing stock would have made this a fairly expensive and tedious process.  “Josephine Martin” and “Joseph Martin” were created after only around 3 to 5 minutes each of prompting and refinement.

Here are some of the in-progress images:

And here are the final products:

Hopefully this got you thinking. How could AI image generation help you and your team step outside of any preconceived notions and really get to know your target audience? Want to chat more? Drop us a line.

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