Building Brand Awareness with a Full City Takeover

Updated on
May 3, 2024

Creating Awareness for a Healthcare Disruptor

Ava, a D2C healthcare disruptor, helps women identify their monthly 5-day fertility window with a 89% accurate wearable designed to ease the process of conception. In the past, they’d focused heavily on lead-generation. With our help, they wanted to build brand awareness, specifically targeting Nashville. We needed to create a localized plan designed to be replicated on a larger scale.

A City Takeover and A Strengthened Community

We took over the city streets through OOH billboard, bus wrap, and bench placements. And we popped up in local phone and computer screens through targeted emails, organic social posts, and influencer outreach. While awareness peaked, we boosted our community-building efforts for lasting impact. We hosted a 5-day free event series centered around women’s health. From yoga classes to beauty product sampling to panel discussions, we brought like-minded women together for the first of many times.

Powered by a deep understanding of our target audience—their shared struggles, experiences, and all—our local saturation generated 6.7 million OOH impressions, tripled online sales, and created a major surge in organic website traffic with a 243% conversion boost.

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