Scary Good Video Series: Recreating Famous Scenes to Drive Conversions

Updated on
May 3, 2024

redpepper's step-by-step creative process as told by our work on a scary good video series.

TTVA EnergyRight Residential Services needed something special for a campaign to boost registrations for Home Energy Evaluations (a free service that shows homeowners how to save money on their utility bills? Yeah, people needed to know about this thing). So we pulled our team together and got to researching—diving deep into consumer insights and industry trend analysis to ensure we got the right messages to the right people. Here's a look at how all the pieces came together for an effective video series that helped Middle Tennessee residents save big on energy costs.

Idea Exploration

Once the research and insights phases was completed, the creativity started flowing for real. We got inspiration from everywhere—from friendly-faced mascots to the woes of selling a home. The idea exploration phase gives us an opportunity to consider every creative direction and narrow down to our most robust, strategy-forward concepts. Here's a look at the ideas we were working with:

Idea 1: An Energy Eval from a Friendly Monster

Zap, a friendly monster, loves encouraging his friends to save energy. He's motivated to save energy because he knows it protects natural resources. The idea is to create a filter where an image is overlaid onto the vHEE screen—making it feel as though one of our cute EnergyRight Monster mascots, like Zap, is giving the home energy evaluation as a way to get people engaged by making the process fun.

Idea 2: Boost Your Real Estate Listing

Before clients' homes go on the market, realtors could begin suggesting a virtual Home Energy Evaluation as part of the preliminary checklist before a home is listed. The report becomes a selling point and reassurance for potential buyers.For buyers, realtors and home inspectors could recommend a vHEE alongside the inspection—or even before the contract—so buyers would have a better idea about the systems in a house before purchase. Partnering with realtors and home inspectors drives interest for us and provides them with a value-add for their clients.

Idea 3: Haunted House

Do you avoid the attic because of what may lurk in the shadows? Or is it because you know your attic insulation is about as effective as packing peanuts these days? Reenacting famous horror movie scenes, we take on the "scary" parts of homeownership that people avoid but really aren't that bad when you have EnergyRight on your side.

The Concept

Once the ideas had been hatched and fully explored, it was time to make the decision of where to take the project creatively by nailing down a concept. The final direction we chose? Idea 3—a “haunted” house riddled with energy inefficiencies that appear like ghosts or monsters to their homeowners. And Hank the Home Energy Advisor is ready to help get to the bottom of things, busting ghosts and boosting energy efficiency with his “scary good” tips along the way. 

With organic and paid social as the campaign drivers, we set out to make six standalone, linked video vignettes. Unexpected, snackable and FUN content—”hoopla,” as we like to call it. Then we created a mini-support campaign within the campaign, hosting a Facebook Live Ask Me Anything (AMA) event with real-life “Hanks,” aka actual TVA Energy Right Home Energy Advisors. Here's a look at our team during production of the spooky series:


And the moment it all takes shape: the execution phase. This rewarding part of the process allows our teams and clients to see the big ideas become a true reality. And the reality for this project? A series of spooky vignettes that were digestible, engaging, and most importantly—informative about the services available to our audience. Have a look at the series for yourself...if you dare:

Vignette 1: Draft Party

A lovely dinner party with friends—what could go wrong? But when candles start flickering and curtains start blowing . . . well, maybe the haunted house rumors are true after all. Can Hank help these new homeowners figure out what the bluster is all about?

Vignette 2: Lights Out

Dale’s convinced there’s something in the attic. How else does that light keep turning itself off? But Hank isn’t so sure. Will Dale’s virtual Home Energy Evaluation uncover the truth about the mysterious lightbulb?

Vignette 3: In a Fog

Mark knows he’s got drafty doors and windows in his home. But during his virtual Home Energy Evaluation with Hank, he sees something...not right. Is there more than a draft trying to find its way in?

Vignette 4: All Eyes on You

When Jerry tells his wife he’s been hearing odd noises around the house, she brushes him off. Is he onto something though? Can Hank find the source of the creepy sounds and put Jerry’s fears to rest, or will Hank find something else altogether terrifying?

Vignette 5: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Hey, what’s that noise? Who turned off the light? And where is that breeze coming from? Can Hank give homeowners any suggestions to make it all stop?

Vignette 6: Cool Your Jets

Like something out of the movies, Amanda's shower seems to have turned against her. It won’t stop blasting hot water. When Hank reaches out to complete her virtual Home Energy Evaluation, will he be able to get Amanda out of hot water?

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