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June 4, 2024 11:18 AM
redpepper’s step-by-step campaign process as told by our work for this healthcare advocate.

The Tennessee Hospital Association is a non-profit dedicated to supporting and lifting up hospitals and healthcare workers. They wanted to draw more awareness to jobs in healthcare and help hospitals bring in new talent. That’s where we came in. We helped THA build a campaign that would show students the variety of jobs in a hospital—and inspire them to launch their careers there. 

Discovery + Research

First things first, we held a discovery session to discuss THA’s vision for the campaign, including specific goals and KPIs to measure success. We also aligned on the project’s objective:

Help Tennessee Hospital Association build up the pipeline of young students who are considering careers in healthcare through a campaign built on deep insights about our audience. 

After our discovery session, we dove into research on what Gen Z students are looking for in a career. Our findings boiled down to three main insights:

  1. Gen Z students want to avoid feeling “stuck” in a career they dislike. 
  2. Students’ career decisions are strongly influenced by their experiences and the experiences of family, friends, teachers, and counselors. 
  3. Having a balance between work and quality of life is important—and finding meaningful work factors heavily into this equation.  

Campaign Concepts

From there, we spun up three campaign options—each building off of the insights from our research:

Concept No. 1: “It Happens in a Hospital”

When you think of a hospital, what comes to mind? Doctors, nurses, illness? But how about accountants, data analysts, developers, social workers, cooks, writers, graphic designers? Eh, probably not. But a doctor can’t see a patient if someone hasn’t checked them in. A nurse can’t hand a scalpel to a surgeon if nobody ordered one. Patient care is a team sport, and it provides endless professional opportunities.

Your future employment options don’t have to be so complicated. Not when Tennessee hospitals are filled with job possibilities. Whether it’s reading EKGs or making BLTs, writing code or running to a code red, repairing a heart or repairing the plumbing, the job for you is just beyond the sliding doors. That thing you’re looking for? It happens in a hospital.

Concept No. 2: “Find What Fits You”

Those first brushes with developing an identity in your teens and early twenties are so exciting... and overwhelming. Who do I want to be? What do I like? Where do I feel most myself? Ideas, beliefs and wardrobes are changing. The discovery of what you’re into starts to look like it could be a job or career path to pursue. And a hospital offers a way to explore what feels good to you. Thrive on being close to the action? See what nursing has to offer. Detail obsessed and never met a stranger? Try out PR. Love rules and fine print? HR has a desk with your name on it.

Having a job where you get to bring your skills, interests and personality to the table matters. And who you are is exactly what Tennessee hospitals are looking for, because jobs in hospitals are for everybody. Be who you are where you work. Find what fits you.

Concept No. 3: “Changemakers Welcome”

Every generation asks itself a question. Baby Boomers asked, “How do I build a life my family and country can be proud of?” Gen X asked, “How do I get more?” Millennials asked, “Is there more to life than work?” And Gen Z? They’re not asking a question at all. They’re making a statement. “We are here to change the system.”

Climate change, social justice, a global pandemic—no matter how big the issue, Gen Z does not back down. They step up. From ensuring patients have access to equitable care to helping a hospital reduce its carbon footprint, a career in a hospital—the community pillar that serves all—provides a perfect opportunity to make local change around the systems and issues Get Z cares about most.


Since our process is never one-and-done, we kept iterating. So the winning concept was actually a mix of two. We took the messaging from “It Happens in a Hospital” and combined it with the visual inspiration behind “Find What Fits You” to create a bold and impactful campaign. This approach spoke to students’ concerns around being limited in their careers by showcasing the variety of jobs that are available at hospitals. 

We created a toolkit with a design ecosystem that THA could easily adapt to all of their needs both through their own channels dedicated to this campaign and through the hospitals they serve. This toolkit included a range of marketing assets, such as creative for digital ads and OOH, a communications strategy and social media assets. Take a look:



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