Bringing a Campaign to Life: Snagit

Updated on
May 3, 2024

Snagit is a major player in the screen capture and recording software space. But with more software companies innovating to improve remote and hybrid work environments in the past few years, competition has been heating up. To stay top-of-mind, Snagit needed to reach their audience with the right messaging and show customers that their tools go beyond screen capture—to transform workplace communications.


To kick things off, we dug into insights around Snagit’s goals and target audience. Pulling data from reviews, current customer interviews, and company reports, we gained a solid grasp on the main benefits and pain points customers experience when using Snagit’s software. We also discussed previous Snagit campaigns with the team—finding out what worked and what they wanted to improve. 

Pooling all of that information together, our North star became clear:

Get folks in technology companies who are frustrated with ineffective workplace communications to see Snagit as a way to take back hours in their week. Show them how Snagit enables easy, efficient, expressive workplace communications on their terms. 


Once we had a set direction, we moved into the concepting phase. All of the insights we gathered and analyzed in discovery took shape in three different approaches:

Concept #1: Evolving the Current Brand

This eye-catching direction uses versions of the current brand colors along with big, bold hero-driven headlines that create a fun, cool, and modern look. It’s easily readable and striking in all placements.

Concept #2: The Tools Do the Talking

This direction uses tools and elements from the Snagit interface (arrows, step by steps, picture in picture, and more) to bring our benefit messages to life. It’s a fun, lighthearted approach that also visually communicates that Snagit is more than just basic screen capture. And after all, it’s the tools that let you communicate better.

Concept #3: Beautiful Teamwork

Using Snagit’s brand colors, we create a montage of people to celebrate the beauty of teamwork. It subtly emphasizes the complexities of communication while celebrating a diverse work culture.

This element is used as a background for bold headlines and a visual shorthand for screen capture. We can introduce visual variety by changing silhouettes and having themed palettes like cool colors, warm colors, or the primary rainbow palette.


The concept that resonated? No. 2: The Tools Do the Talking. The Snagit team chose this concept because it was most ownable and unique—plus it showed the product in action without losing the benefit-oriented nature of the campaign.

A key part of the strategic and creative process was clearly defining Snagit’s target audience and segmenting it into different sales funnels. We then developed a layered message matrix in alignment with those funnels. Building off of that groundwork, we created an array of customized animated ads. Take a look:

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