Behind the Scenes of Our Work with PandaDoc

A look at how we protoyped campaign concepts for this software brand

PandaDoc’s software is a one-stop shop for creating, editing, tracking, signing, and analyzing documents—making the product a powerful process-streamliner and roadblock-remover for small and medium sized businesses. When their growth started hitting speed bumps, they came to us. PandaDoc needed to invest in brand building efforts to expand their customer base. The solution: a strong brand narrative and messaging that resonates with new audiences, growing awareness and making them a frontrunner in the market. 

Here’s a look behind the curtain at how we transformed this brand:


For this work, we used a “test and iterate” methodology. This approach allowed us the space to experiment and test the client’s brand positioning strategy in the marketplace throughout the building process. Over two weeks, we utilized a highly collaborative sprint method and generated hundreds of unique, actionable ideas for PandaDoc to choose from. The team settled on four distinct prototypes that we took over to the test phase.


Deep research leads to the most resonant campaigns—which is exactly why we tested each concept with the PandaDoc customer base to see what sparked their interest. During the testing process, we collaborated with the folks at PandaDoc to pull insights from our rich collection of quantitative and qualitative consumer data. Those insights drove the evolution of the creative, as we took the concepts through many iterations to get them just right.


By the second week of the sprint process, we knew what was and wasn’t resonating with consumers. Using those learnings, we iterated the concepts again and produced three prototyped animated videos. Another round of consumer testing told us that each video had a solid concept, but there was a clear winner—one that clearly communicates the benefits of PandaDoc in a way that is completely unique to them. 

Here’s a glimpse of the prototypes:


What came out of this process? First, a solid prototype that is ready to be converted into a full-fledged campaign with plenty of ways to activate beyond just video. In fact, we had experts from across the agency collaborate and ideate on how to bring this campaign to life from experiential to social—the session ended with over 100 viable ideas in the books. This told us that not only was the campaign unique and compelling—it had longevity.

Second, we distilled all the creativity and strategy behind the prototypes into a strong articulation of PandaDoc’s brand archetype and promise. PandaDoc is weaving their new brand narrative into every part of their communications strategy, from demand-capture campaigns to a new integrated brand building effort. This work has rallied the organization around their newfound north star.

This groundwork sets PandaDoc up to differentiate themselves from competitors and overcome communication obstacles surrounding the value of their product. We can’t wait to see the results.

Stay tuned for this campaign to go live.

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