7 Ways to Use AI to Fast-Track Your Creative Processes

Updated on
May 3, 2024

How we use AI to streamline our work.

AI has been making all sorts of headlines recently, with new updates and iterations coming out all the time. We’ve started experimenting with ways we can incorporate AIs into our processes to both spark our creativity and streamline our work. Here are some simple ways to make your processes more efficient using AI:

1. Make brainstorming stormier

AI can turn a handful of good ideas into thousands in just a few seconds. AIs like our in-house Create-a-tron and ChatGPT can riff on ideas or take a small seed of a thought and turn it into a fully-formed ad campaign. Although many of the responses that come back might not be what you’re looking for, it’ll get your creativity flowing and give you a place to start. 

2. Create custom images for your mood boards

Sometimes stock photos don’t quite cut it. It can be hard to get an exact visualization of a concept without spending hours to create custom graphics. Shortcut? Use Midjourney, DALL-E2, or Adobe Firefly. With a few quick prompts, you’ll have those custom graphics for your mood boards and hours back in your day. 

3. Have AI write all the words

Every writer knows the pain of staring at a blank page. It’s much easier to get your brain moving when you have something to start with—and that’s where AI can come in. ChatGPT and copy.ai can generate entire blogs, draft captions, and write headlines on their own with a one-line prompt. If you’re looking for something to edit what you already have, try out WordTune, which can rephrase and rewrite your sentences to give you a fresh take when you get stuck. 

4. Create new worlds instantly on set

Back to image generators—another cool use is creating custom video backgrounds. Our team recently visited Vū’s virtual studio in Nashville and were able to project an AI-generated image that had just been created 5 seconds before onto the LED screen. This ability to generate an entirely new world and film it immediately (or edit it onto a green screen in post) can give a production team a whole lot of flexibility and power. 

5. Jump from text to video

This one is still very new and under construction, but runway has recently announced their Gen-2 model—which can create a video from nothing but a text prompt. This version is now available to the public, and so is their Gen-1 version is, which allows you to create a video from an existing video with text prompts to modify it. 

6. Enhance your social media strategy

We’ve also used ChatGPT to improve our social media strategy for client work. The AI can help connect topics to relevant audiences, provide facts/stats for support, and write captions. Then, DALL-E2 and Midjourney can create graphics. 

7. Get feedback

AI can also work as a great sounding board. When you’re writing emails or Slack messages, ChatGPT or other text-based AIs can give feedback on things like recommended edits or the tone of the writing with a prompt like “proofread this blog post.” You can also use these AIs to shorten or lengthen your writing by giving it prompts like “make this paragraph 30% shorter.”

As always, we’re happy to chat about the most effective ways your team can seamlessly incorporate AI into your team’s current workflow. Drop us a line.

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