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Generating Mass Awareness During the World Cup


The Challenge

Among early adopters, Slack was a household name. Our challenge now? Introducing Slack to the masses at a time when competitor collaboration tools from Microsoft and Google were rising into the market. We had to grab hold of market share fast, introducing the concept of cloud-based team communication to a wider, less acquainted audience and building brand equity along the way.

The Solution

To the unfamiliar, Slack is just a messaging app that modern workplaces use. But once they see how it works—especially the channels where various team conversations happen—they get it. In this 30-second awareness spot, we brought that lightbulb moment to life by building a 64-foot-long set separated into 4 rooms, each representing a different channel. This gave us a visual playground to showcase contextual shifts between channels, on-screen UI, and everyday interactions like reactions and file-sharing. Then Slack went big—no, really big—with a media buy, launching this campaign during the 2018 World Cup.

The Results

Shortly after Slack went public, shares of the fast-growing, cloud-based office communication platform rose more than 50% in afternoon trading. And with a daily active user measurement that’s grown from 5 million in 2018 to nearly 26 million today, it’s clear that Slack is no longer small potatoes in the software space.

By the Numbers


feet of set


increase in shares


increase in DAU

Integrated Campaigns

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