Brand Building

Rebuilding a Brand for a Distinct Architecture & Design Studio


The Challenge

If you’ve spent much time in Nashville, you’ve probably been inside a restaurant or hotel preserved, built, or designed by Powell. This local architecture and design studio takes a unique, streamlined approach to the design-build process. But for such a distinct studio, they lacked a distinct brand. Enter redpepper, stage left.

The Solution

Powell is rich in both history and modernity, a balance we wanted to reflect in the branding. Their architectural style, critical regionalism, inspired a refreshed color palette and iconography system. And for the logo? We designed it with clean lines to reflect their seamless client experience, pairing modern touches with elements of past logos to pay homage to their history. An enhanced web experience leads with clear iconography to guide prospective clients along.

The brand’s name got a refresh, too. Simplifying the name helped dispel confusion and created a sense of pride internally. Of course, any new brand needs a brand guide. We made a comprehensive one to ensure a seamless rollout of the new identity, name and web experience across channels.

The Results

Powell’s new branding feels, most importantly, like Powell. Everywhere their workshows up around town, they’re easily identifiable as a studio and distinct in theirindustry. Visual cohesion and understanding—just how it feels to work withPowell—carries their work and legacy ahead.

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